Sunday, February 27, 2011

First injury

It had to happen sometime first injury. I'm not talking a scratch or a bruise ...plenty of those from mountain biking last year.
I'm talking level 2, something that pulls, pops, tears....
Level 3 is a broken bone which I'm glad to not have had in my life, and hoping to keep it that way.

So a level 2 injury scare for me. After the half marathon I expected some tiredness and aches and pains, especially with the knee pain that arose in the race. However it was still there 1 week later and while the training group joined up for the Saturday bike ride, I stayed at home and rested it up.

My mental state went through worry, desperation, sadness, fake hope and determination, and of course the restless boredom when you can't be as active.

I improvised quickly and focused on strength - pilots, yoga, weights....and then heard about Aqua Jogging or Deep Water Exercise.

My exposure to this is of seeing blue rinsed ladies in the swimming pool chattering away with the odd movement was this going to help me???

Coach Julie assured me that it works, and a quick lesson with her and some video clips got me feeling more hopeful.

So it's been over 2 weeks now and have to say I'm not really in a "groove" yet and definitely more lonely as can't be part of the group rides yet, but overall see this as an opportunity to learn about injuries and mental motivation.

Oh. And I'm learning about physical therapy (PT). Done 2 sessions and definitely feel the very hopeful I'll be good for Wildflower.

Woo hoo

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