Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running after Levis

After a big event I'm usually tired and need time to recover...but in this training mode of building mu my body I need to do long rides and runs at the weekend.

So I woke up after a long sleep (lovely to catch up on the hours, but the dreams are still not very restful) of 10 hours!

And decided to get out there for  run. Saw a organized run ad was tempted but decided to go out on my own...getting stronger about this and good practice for me. Thought I'd explore the area and would run to the Piers along the water...felt like a good distance and some nice natural sights in there. Went to Pier 39 and saw the sea lions! bark bark

Was a lovely day as well with the sun shining....made it easier to get outside.

Final run was 10 miles and a 10:10 minute mile pace. Did a run-walk approach and good to know I can keep a good pace like this for longer distance....will continue to work on the speed and the distance as a combo....seen a nice marathon in Las Vegas in a few weeks that looks tempting....

run stats...happy there was no elevation today!

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