Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank You Rehab United

After the knee injury that occurred on my half marathon, I was quite upset and thought I was done for.
I got advice to go to Physical therapy and Rehab United was suggested.

I've been going for 3 weeks @ 2 times per week and varied my physical therapist from Melissa, Ashley, Brian, Nick, and Andrew. They have all been great!!

I have never done physical therapy before and not really sure what to expect  and thought they'd laugh at me for the claims I have to do an IronMan this year.

But instead, they tell me their stories and encouraged me that it is all possible. Injuries are common and come to everyone in some shape or form.

And the sessions have been great - they start with basic stretching and have built in exercises targeted at my weaker knee to strengthen it. They get more difficult each session to keep it up and to also increase my confidence that my knew is getting better.

I know this because I've been able to get on the bike and do great workouts and even started some basic run/walk exercises to get back into that groove.

So, I'm expressing my thanks to all the great folks at Rehab United. 

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