Monday, March 14, 2011

Torrey Pines Hill Repeats Versus Spinervals

Thought I'd compare the 2 Hill Climb Sessions I did this week

Spinervals DVD
I bought a DVD to do a home spin class as I can;t seem to get to my local ones at the 5pm and 6pm times they are hosted. I wasn't sure what to get, but at the store I saw these Spinerval series DVDs and one was called "climb a hill like a goat"!

Now because I'm doing the 70.3 Wildflower course in April, and there is a Nasty Grade hill to accomplish, I thought that this DVD sounded like a great one for training. And 45 minutes was perfect for a mid-week workout after work.

Definitely a bit cheesy, with dodgy music, and not really as dynamic a teacher as a spin class. But that stuff didn't really matter when I did the workout. It was great! I definitely feel this is great training for the bike and am looking forward to continuing on this one.

Torrey Pines Hill Repeats
Today I did a 40 mile bike ride from my house to Torrey Pines and then did 3 hill repeats. There are 2 hills that you can climb and I did both the steeper but shorter grade hill (0.5 mile steep climb) as well as the more shallow but constant grind hill (1.6 miles).
Definitely great training!

I liked being out in the real world, you can stare at other people, the nature like the beautiful ocean. You can also really feel the hills (versus the DVD practice feels hard but still on a flat surface). It also seems to allow me to practice techniques more easily such as pushing down on my heels to use more calf muscle and also to do pull ups with my legs.


Crunched on Time or Dark Outside? Go for Spinervals DVD
Practice Technique and Get Fresh Air and Ocean Views? Go for the Torrey Pines Hills

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