Monday, July 4, 2011

P90x 60 Days

60 Days have passed since I started p90x...60 days of Tony Horton saying "just push play" and "this is the X in p90x" Dreams of doing the Mason twist...thinking will I ever be able to a full push up...or even the coveted un-assisted pull up?

I have hit a recent slump where I skipped one workout and then another....there started to be more "X's" from me skipping workouts than from the ones I had done.

So day 60 of P90x was upon me and it said "take photo". hmm not really looking forward to it. I took them anyway and was surprised to see some difference. Smaller boobs, less spread across the middle, and slimmer legs. A total of 8 pounds lost.

Some things to be proud of indeed.....

At the same time I had a fitness test with my latest doctor...results show a 31% body fat! OUCH! There is just no way you can look at that number and say it's good. Followed up with a stern look saying I need to lose 10-15 pounds minimum to get to a healthier 20% body fat.

So 60 days down and 30 days to go....I'm not gonna be on the infomercial with my results...but its a good start to getting some body in shape.

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