Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sometimes it's not meant to be...

I joined a group ride this weekend but sometimes it's just not meant to be...
It started with 6 of us...and ended with 2. What happened I hear you say??

Fog, Freeways, Flat Tires, Police....all on 1 ride!

Please sing along like the 12 days of Christmas...

  • No visibility from fog
  • 1 broken derailer
  • 1 bike chain fall off
  • 1 pulled hamstring
  • 1 partner turned back for the hamstring..leaving 3 not knowing where to go
  •  3 people biking on the 280 freeway
  • 1 person pulled over by police (for riding on the freeway...)
  • 1 flat tire...with no air pump
  • 1 wife calling saying "WTF are you!?"
  • 2 left to scamper back to the start

And a partridge in the pear tree....

Got to say the last 2 were laughing in fits and giggles that so much could go wrong on 1 friendly bike ride! Guess some things are just not meant to be...

Final stats were a 30 mile bike ride...and I got a good t-run in to celebrate my leg being back in the game...and the need of course to start building up the muscles. It was freezing cold in San Francisco, but having the chance to run through Golden Gate park was quite a moment...felt liked I had "arrived" in the city!

Bike Ride Stats
Nothing exciting here. it was a stop start ride the whole time. Happy that there was some decent elevation in here to make up for something....I hear a rumor I might do a race with elevation on it, so guess I better start loving those hills. uurggh!

Transition Run Stats
This is more interesting...very happy to see a pace of under 10 minute miles. Will have to see how long I can sustain this pace, 5 miles was longer than I thought I could, so patting myself on the back for this one. Woo Hoo!

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