Sunday, June 3, 2012

ALC: Day 1 Highlights

Falling asleep right now after 85 are some highlights on Day 1

Lack of caffeine provided on the ride - no soda or coffee and by 10am this is what happened to Lucy...

Nigel in the meantime entertained himself with a new friend...

We did enjoy some sights together...gorgeous ocean for most of the day. Stopped a lot just to admire the views

Arrived at camp, got the tent, got lost in tent city, then put it up, showered in a mobile shower (more another day on that one)

And ate food!!! Lots of it (see it)

Finishing the evening with a full moon at tent city...

Good night! Tomorrow is 109 miles

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  1. Well at least Nigel is having som fun, even if Lucy sleeps :)