Monday, June 4, 2012

ALC Ride Day 2 - Carnage!!

Oh man...never believe someone when they say 30% chance if rain and light winds.
It means a Cat 4 storm, wind at 20 mph, and 1400 riders trapped at aid stations.

It started with a standard morning (see picture) but rain came in at mile 17 and just got stronger. There was hail further up, thankfully didn't catch that. Route cancelled for most riders.

Did see riders crash on uphills (don't stand up on a wet hill) and skid out on turns, and hundreds of hypothermia cases (see photo 2)

Staff did a great job dealing with us all - and community spirit was a joy to see - everyone helping each other. We sheltered inside of trucks, churches, and schools. Got fed and watered. And got bused 60 miles to camp. (so only 40 miles ridden)

We had 3 hours in the rain, riding and standing, took its toll on us. Not quite hypothermia but chilled to the bone

Looking forward to a new day - especially as my birthday - and warm sunshine :)


  1. Happy Birthday for Day 3. Hope you both woke up warm and ready to ride with some sunshine.

  2. Wow! Crazy adventure as always :). Happy birthday