Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ALC Ride Day 3: Birthday Sunshine

It's my birthday on Day 3 and the sunshine came out! A lower mileage day at 66 miles, but includes the legendary "quad buster" hill - 1500 feet incline over 1.5 miles.
On a normal day - fine - but on the 3rd day of cycling and camping - a tough challenge.
Made it!!! And enjoyed the downhill. :)

Ok what else? Sausage at 9am - gorgeous. BBQ cooked by local town. Biking part of the Wildflower course. And stopping at Mission San Miguel for the "best 4 house" (aka rest stop 4)

Photos below of the fun and beauty of the day.

Ended up at Paso Robles - with a luxury hotel stay. Mmmm

And heard so many stories of hope, courage, and victories through HIV. My fave was Louis, a 60 year old female diagnosed 20 years ago.
She's done the ALC ride for 17 years, and has always ridden - even when throwing up on the side of the road from new medications.
On top of that she is also the only female woman to have completed the 700 mile Paris-Brest-Paris ride, a non-stop ride for 90 hours. Not 1x but 5x in her life.
Now that puts life and courage into perspective.

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  1. Looks like you guys weathered the rain the day before and are having some fun now :-) ... You are both still smiling in the photos...that's a good sign!