Friday, June 8, 2012

ALC Ride Day 6: gorgeous love bubble

The last full day of riding - 87 miles - and what a gorgeous day it was!!

Sunny all day and ocean views...saw a pod of dolphins and the joy it brings for the opportunity to Be here in nature.

Now Day 6 means that there are lots of aches and pains...lots of Benjay applied with gloves (pic) and it became normal today to hear shouts of "butt butter here!!"

Took some photos of the bike stops where you see it is easy to lose your bike - but I got a fancy flag to honor Daddy Brown - and life was easier!

And what would an ALC day be without some costumes!! Lucy loved the pink squirrels and Nigel preferred the Mad Max men (hmmm men in leather chaps??)

Happiest moment today eating ice cream in Santa Barbara surrounded by 2000 other riders in our "love bubble"
A moment of community that you don't see in the "real world"

Off for the final night - a candlelight vigil on the beach where we remember our loved ones no longer with us from AIDS...I'll be thinking of Daddy Brown with his crazy spirit and kooky hair.
Love you Daddy Brown.

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