Saturday, June 2, 2012

ALC Ride: the final prep

Hello everyone - going to be blogging along the way on the ALC ride.
All based on quality of cell coverage - aiming for 1x per day

Day 0
At Cow Palace today going through the various stops...register here, safety video here, drop off bike....

Cow Palace is a historic venue with JFK speaking here to Red Hot Chili though it's just 3,000 bikers and roadies.

I think I should be nervous for the ride (Nigel certainly is, but he does have quite a hangover to get over), but I find I am actually more nervous about the packing...can I get it all in 1 bag?
I'm not really known to be a light packer...

Photos attached of the safety video and the packing....

Going now to eat, pack, eat....sleep!!

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