Sunday, June 24, 2012

IronMan I come!

OMG It's hit me that I have to do another IronMan this year....and it requires training.

I have somehow convinced myself that because I've already done one, that I will just be able to get on a bike and cycle for 112 miles. Or that after cycling 500 miles on the ALC ride, that I can now go at a 17 mph average pace on a long ride.

hmm...yes...I know....but it's now hit me...and the training plan has been created...with goals...charts....and the excitement (and nervousness)

Swim - Bike - Run = IronMan!

So how does IronMan Canada terrain look like?

The swim is in a lake - which is much preferred to the ocean - and many state the "perfect temperature" as in August you've built up some warmth but still tolerable in a wetsuit. Wide beach to spread the swim start out - less washing machine battering each other. And the course is a 1 loop aspect, so no overtaking from the elites.

The bike is NOT easy. That's what I've heard and started to read about. It's a 1 loop course of 112 miles - so no seeing fellow riders. The bike elevation is 5,500 for the ride. Ouch! I can do that, but in a race format to push for speed...and then doing a marathon afterwards. hmmm....not sure on this one

Looking at the above elevation chart identifies a couple of items for my training:
  • Hill training MUST be included (not always my fave)
  • Practice a big hill at the 80% point of the ride to simulate the mile 80 pass
  • Build my power wattage up to be able to gain speed and maximize the use of my legs, ensuring I have enough left for the run
  • **HEAT** training needed as well as the temperature gets to the 90's so being able to get electrolytes and hydrate in is key
I just found out that this is not an easy run. I thought, it must be flat as it runs close to the lake. But alas, the elevation gain is 600 feet. That is easy on a bike, but on a run....after a packed day....hmmm.

The run is an out-n-back - so you can see the mirror elevation in the elevation chart above.
Going to have to practice putting in a hill at the end of a long run of 10 miles for this one. Ouch!
And of course in heat (the summer means more light, but I'll only be getting the last hours, so perhaps cool weather will have settled in)

So that's it - the course!

My Goals for the IronMan

 It is my 2nd IronMan, so I have a sense of the emotional and physical turmoil...and can try and put in a couple of goals for pace and time. Of course, finishing healthy and strong is the main goal. The rest is a bonus.

Staying steady to my prior IronMan pace
Total 14:00 =  Swim 1:45, Bike 7:00, Run 5:00, Transitions 0:15
(this was a flat course, so doing this on a hillacious course and in super heat will be wonderful)

The best I could do (or at least can dream for!)
Total 12:00 = Swim = 1:30, Bike 6:00, Run 4:15, Transitions 0:15
(yes this is crazy, so more of the best ultimate stretch goal)

Paces needed for stretch goals - Bike at 19 mph, Run at 9:30 min/miles - yes a stretch indeed!

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