Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Week - Finding my Current Pace

Week 2 into the training zone and ensure I'm getting a good mix of exercise with yoga, swimming, biking, running, and weights for strength training.

Needed to determine what my baseline measurements were to track and see improvements towards goals.


Conducted a couple of workouts at home - based on power threshold and technique. Then repeated a prior workout in Napa - Silverado Trail. Great place to do a time trial as its non-stop road.

Was impressed at the improvements. And eager to improve!

Comparing the workouts
  • Pace is faster at 17.2 mph vs 17.0 mph (need to now see how much I can click this up in 8 weeks)
  • Heart rate is MUCH lower at 160 bpm vs 171 - meaning I am much more efficient in my production and use of energy. (still have 10 lbs weight to lose to help here....but greats start!)
  • Bike cadence now added to my garmin - and the average of 89 cadence is right on target with my 90 goal.
  • Average Power was 137 watts - first time trying to use this and determine how I stand here. My distribution shows I was using the right zones for the time trial but will need to lower for endurance training rides.


Running is not my favorite thing - mainly because I'm nervous about getting injured here and not being able to compete. I spent a few months last year with little running and focused on biking.

I've done a couple of t-runs from the bike rides of 1-3 miles and pace was decent. But needed to see how the pace would hold up on a longer run.

Golden Gate Park with some friends on a lovely sunny day - nice!

Baseline data was good - average pace at 9:33 min/miles - and avg Heart rate at 162 bpm.

This is definitely promising for me to get to a 9:30 pace for a marathon - with smart training and good nutrition (another area to get going on)

feeling good after this data! 8 more weeks!

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